Tuesday, October 1, 2013

365 Poems: So. There.

Day 274

Go Away
I suggest not reading this.
No, really, just go away.
Nobody reads poems anymore,
and you shouldn't, either.
Go surf another page,
make a phone call,
play Angry Birds.
Only poets and students of poetry
read poems. Not. You.
In good news,
you'll find no stanza here,
and little rhyme, or rhythm,
or even sense (poetic or otherwise).
No hearts, or flowers,
or, God forbid, Grecian urns.
And you -- even you! --
IF you were to read it,
would shut it off
in a huff, saying,
Well, THAT'S not a poem!
Hey! Who are you to say,
you non-poem reader,
what's a poem,
and what's not?
Now, here's the rub --
No poet, nor student,
nor any literary type
shall read these lines.
Only. You.
They're just for you,
my non-poetic friend,
and if you've made it this far,
well, guess what?

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