Wednesday, October 16, 2013

365 Poems: Milkweed

Day 289

Short shrift tonight, sorry: book club. On the agenda: Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior. Yes, I liked it. From a member who listened to the audio book, read by the author: it was awesome. Biggest question I asked: Is she preaching to the choir?

You can visit the author's web site here.
Of course the NYT has a review here. Have to share from that review:
One of the gifts of a Kingsolver novel is the resplendence of her prose. She takes palpable pleasure in the craft of writing, creating images that stay with the reader long after her story is done. The church choir sings a hymn, “dragging it like a plow through heavy clay”; the pastor uses “his hands to push and pull his congregants as if kneading dough and making grace rise.” Dellarobia walks under “this mess of dirty white sky like a lousy drywall job.” Her husband’s gentleness is “merely the stuff he was made of, like the fiber content of a garment.”
NPR has a page, too.

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