Friday, October 4, 2013

365 Poems: Making words tell

Day 277

I imagined it was a rainy day, anyway.
I can't remember a day when I've written as much as today: A book review at work, and a paper tonight for ModPo class.

The book review was not much fun; I didn't particularly like the book I was asked to review. It's about social media for churches; the telling part was that while she included a chapter about 'avoiding jargon in social media,' the book was full of churchy jargon. Since that's the audience the book is aimed at, maybe it doesn't matter, but I found it cloying and self-important. But it's 10:45 at night, don't mind me.

The poetry paper tonight was much more fun. Compared two versions of a William Carlos Williams poem, 'Young Woman at a Window.' Being an editor myself, I loved comparing the two and seeing Williams' process in action. After a week spent with Gertrude Stein, going back to WCW was refreshing.

My words being spent for the day (which has included making the dire mistake of breaking my No-Burger-King rule and paying dreadfully) (not gastronomically, but rather emotionally) (and not in any substantive way, but rather gross annoyance), here's Bill to write us out:

She sits with
tears on

her cheek
her cheek on

her hand
the child

in her lap
his nose

to the glass

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