Tuesday, October 8, 2013

365 Poems: I was looking at my bookcase

Day 281

So I was looking at my bookcase, and by 'my bookcase,' I mean just one of my bookcases because I have seven. And thinking how much I love my bookcase and everything in it, the books I've read and the books I haven't, and the things hidden in this one's cupboards (hello, kids' Christmas books!). Thinking that I need either 1) another new bookcase (can you hear me, Ikea?) or 2) to clean out some books. The first one is easier even if the second is more cathartic. I do actually have some books I would not miss.

So tonight I finished up last week's Modpo lectures and was grateful for my bookcases, because they hold such great anthologies of literature and when we study somebody I can go pull a volume and there we are.

Also must I mention Amazon, for when I want more of somebody all I do is go and find them there and one-click them into my mailbox. Or perhaps onto my Kindle. Although I sold my old Kindle FireHD so I can buy a new Kindle FireHDX next month. Because there's nobody more dangerous than a bookworm who also loves gadgets.

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished the fictionalized version of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's life, which made me want to reread her real diaries and letters -- I had several -- but then I one-clicked my way to the couple I didn't have (hey, used, very cheap). And they are amazing. And then just one - more - click got me the biography written by her daughter Reeve (again: a bargain). I should probably ban myself from Amazon.

In Modpo we finished up the Modernists, who are so wonderfully weird, and now we're moving on to the post-Modernists, who, it seems, will try to be not so weird. But since that includes the Beats it shall be so much fun.

And in today's history lesson, what I learned was how commodities -- their production, trade, and specialization -- helped shape the world we live in. Also: pepper and silver.

I found a second edition of the book we're using in history class (which is officially using the third edition) but why pay $80 when you can pay $23? Again: Thank you, Amazon used books.

And that concludes our commercial for Ikea bookcases, the works of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, pepper, silver, and Amazon in all its forms, proving I should post at 7:30 p.m., not 10:40. I need to watch that procrastination video again!

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