Wednesday, October 30, 2013

365 Poems: Falling in love with Frank O'Hara. And others.

Day 303

So maybe I'm starting to finally get modernism. And I know why I love New York so.

(First draft warning)

Brain Dump

words in my head. His and mine. Day goes by.

1. mail

    2.  neighbor
          3. paper

change of costume cotton comfort

TV! Obamacare! surveillance! Sandy!

1.  Spray pan and set to 'medium'
2. Add pork chops and turn when browned
3. Season lightly
4. Cook thoroughly

avoid drama even when drama comes to find us. Decaf!

they pay me no matter if the tasks are smart or not. Remember it's a job. HELP WANTED.

           always clean up

And now. finally.

lunch time

three pages


ah. Enough?

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