Friday, October 18, 2013

365 Poems: Dear Tyrion, I love you best

Day 291

UPDATE: Want good SEO for a blog post? Mention Tyrion Lannister in your headline. It's making me wish I had written a much, much better post. Who knew?

He'll look good on the Iron Throne.
I read a lot but am I 'well-read'? I don't know; where's the bar set? I don't read every book on the literary bestseller list and I've been known to spend too much time reading 99-cent Kindle romance novels, especially on sunny summer days. And I do have that addiction to young adult fiction -- I read Hunger Games before everybody else had dished it up. Tasty stuff.

Have you ever mentioned something that seems pervasive in the culture -- Downton Abbey, let's say -- and find the person you've mentioned it to has NEVER HEARD OF IT? (Maybe you've said something like, 'Oh, yea, that Olive. She's as cold as Lady Mary after she dumped Matthew (the first time).) Of course one has to be nice and have a small educational moment with the ignorant one, ("Wow! That's sounds like something I'd like! I don't know how I've missed it! What channel is it on?") but inside you're thinking, "Holy cow, what rock do you live under?"

And that's a TV show. Written for TV. How depressing when you mention watching, say, 'Under the Dome,' and surprise someone by mentioning it's based on a BOOK. By STEPHEN KING. ("Oh, wow, I didn't know it was a book. So you know how it ends?") (And if you're mean you say, "YES. EVERY ONE DIES. IT'S STEPHEN KING FOR GOD'S SAKE.)

Remember in Anne of Green Gables when she talks about finding someone, a new friend, who's a 'kindred spirit'? That's what I feel like when I mention of a favorite book or character, like my cute little boyfriend Tyrion Lannister, and they KNOW WHO HE IS. And maybe not even from HBO.

I truly love Tyrion. I loved him in the books -- he had me at Sansa and the so-wrong wedding. But Peter Dinklage? He brings Tyrion to life in a way rarely seen in TV or movies and I hope he's the one who ends up on the Iron Throne at the end. I thought I was going to love Jaime. But who needs the half-hand when you can have the half-man?

Finding and reading a series like the Song of Fire and Ice (thank you, the red god bless you, George R.R. Martin) -- so many books, so little time, such a big, wide world to get lost in and so many people to meet -- it's a bookworm's nirvana.

And I am so sorry, this is a big bunch of introduction for a treat from our friends at Bad Lip Reading, who brought you bad lip reads of Twilight (volumes one and two) that almost made us pee our pants in appreciation. Now, a special treat starring all our favorite characters from Westeros:

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