Monday, September 23, 2013

365 Poems: What about love?

Day 266

(Apologies to Heart and Cid Corman)

Cid Corman
Here's one of the poems from the ModPo course, "It isn't for want" by Cid Corman:

It isn't for want
of something to say-- 
something to tell you-- 

something you should know-- 
but to detain you-- 
keep you from going-- 

feeling myself here 
as long as you are--
as long as you are.

Take a moment (literally, 20 seconds) and listen to the poem on the wonderful audio library, PennSound, here.

I just listened to a rather exhaustive close reading of this poem by the Penn ModPo team. As thoroughly as they dissected it, I was kind of surprised how quickly they all agreed the poem is about itself, and the poet. Because my first reading was that it's a love poem -- the poet is talking to someone he loves. I think that makes the last two lines particularly poignant. Then the more self-referential meta-meaning, the relationship between poet and reading, can be laid over that, and the two woven together give more depth and texture to the poem.

I have myself an ear worm, so you take it:

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