Saturday, September 7, 2013

365 Poems: 'The thingness of light itself'

Day 250

Turrell's 2012 work, Twilight Epiphany
I love the connection between poetry and music and art (actually, I love the connections between everything, but that's fodder for another post). Sometimes they're so obvious and sometimes you have have to relax and let the universe show them to you, but they are there, always.

They call Paris the City of Light, and I know this is so, I've seen the sun play over the bright buildings, mottled sun and shadow, the white city surrounding the Eiffel Tower like an aura.

So today when I saw this story on a light bulb went off. (SORRY)

It's about artist James Turrell and the work he's doing with light. The pictures are, um, enlightning, so be sure to click through:
"You know, there's truth in light," Turrell says as he walks through his retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Turrell says his work furthers the explorations of light, done for centuries by artists, such as Vermeer and the painters of the Hudson River School.
A Lady at the Virginal with a Gentleman, 'The Music Lesson'
[Ed. note: Just saw a Vermeer at Buckingham Palace.]
"Here, there's not too much difference, except this idea that I want to look at light, rather than have light illuminate another thing," he explains. "I'm interested in the thingness of light itself, so that light is, is the revelation." Read more here.
 I wrote a poem about light earlier in the year. You can read it here.

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