Monday, September 16, 2013

365 Poems: Reimagined

Day 259

Everything old is old but if you re-imagine it, it's kind of new, and you see yesterday and today in a different way.

Like what this photographer did with statues from the Louvre.

"The Barberini Faun" in Caillard's "Hipster in Stone" collection.

In his series "Hipster in Stone," [Leo] Caillard photographed sculptures at the Louvre — from Germain Pilon's "The Resurrection of Christ" (circa 1559) to Edmé Bouchardon's 1726 marble copy of "The Barberini Faun" (the original was sculpted by an unknown artist circa 200 BC) and beyond — and "dressed" them in modern clothing.
Read it all here.

It's kind of like seeing Shakespeare performed in contemporary settings, isn't it?

I kind of hatelove the headline NBCNews put on this story, it's so ... flatly unimaginative, yet literally descriptive, like a four-year-old with a good vocabulary might describe it: 'Artist dresses classic statues in hipster clothing.' And it's not actually what he did-- he dressed real people in 'hipster clothing,' then Photoshopped them on photos of the statues.

In good news, the exhibit is coming to New York, so I might get to see it.

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