Friday, September 6, 2013

365 Poems: Five Things Friday

Day 249

Poetry on the Underground Poster
1. Yes, 365 Poems Project: I do intend to get caught up, to tie my past and my present together and fill in all of the 365 days. I tried to get posts for the trip up this week; today I'm throwing this together; and if I really work at it this weekend, maybe I'll fill that void in the time-space continuum by Monday.

2. This one is for all the locals, the band alums and band parents. Best local article ever written about a high school band show. Thank you! And I do have some cred here, having been the Homestead Spartan Alliance publicity person for five years or so. Whomever wrote this actually knows something about band.

3. London Poems on the Underground. Of all the stuff I took pictures of my week in London, I regret NOT taking a picture of one of the coolest things I saw: a poem from the Poems on the Underground project. Luckily -- although it's not quite the same -- I found it on the Poetry Society web site and grabbed it,so you can see it above, at right. To read it (or even order a poster), click it.

On Westminster Bridge
4. And speaking of poetry, another wow moment on the Westminster Bridge, to actually cross it, and find the plaque, and read it. Not in a book, some musty anthology, but for real. Good afternoon, Mr. Wordsworth. Great name, BTW. Click to read.

5. Maybe best of all, the best souvenir: The pleasure of reading books about places you've been, and recognizing stuff -- streets and buildings and stations and how stuff works and where stuff is. Reading a book, and Gard du Nord is mentioned, and I've been there. Or how the sun looked on the Seine, and I took a picture of it. Or how fast the Eurostar flies through the countryside, and I've ridden it. My imagination did not do these things justice.

Pont de l'ArchevĂȘchĂ© (one of two bridges in Paris with lovers' locks)

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