Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Things Friday

Day 228 (updated)

I've had busier evenings when I've been able to pull together a post for the next day, even when I had to stoop to depending on Sophia Grace & Rosie and Russell Brand for help.

It occurred to me last night that another video with the little English girls -- this one with Hugh Grant -- might have been a worthy follow-up and get me out of a posting jam.

But it wasn't, and I didn't. You're welcome.

Isn't it funny from where inspiration comes? I had to fuel up the car this morning, which took me to the gas station, which gave me the choice to take a different way to work. It's a little longer way, and takes a little more time, but just that change of highway gave my brain the kick it craved.

Although it also made me feel stupid(ER). Lots of bloggers do round-ups on Fridays; even this one has done a few. And why I didn't think of it last night ... anyway, thank you, Indiana state routes 114 and 9. Your Friday morning vistas were just what I needed.

1. My first thing Friday, DUH moment: Listen to 'Cups'  and take the long way 'round. The one with the prettiest of views. The sights may (or may not) make you shiver, but you might get a blog post out of it. And a picture or two.

2. Anticipation is awesome. I cannot wait to go to London and Paris, but unlike when I was a kid, I've loved every minute of getting ready to go -- planning, getting tickets to stuff (Lion King! Windsor Castle! Buckingham Palace! Eiffel Tower!), making lists, messaging with my traveling companions, researching, downloading apps -- maybe I haven't learned patience, but I have learned to enjoy the journey. Or rather, the pre-journey.

3. Soybeans in the morning light are beautiful.

4. French Survival Phrases from Innovative Language on my iPhone. Loving listening to this at work. I might not learn much French, but the cultural advice is priceless. Who knew one of ways to say 'excuse me' is actually kind of an insult!?

5. Related to #2:  Kids vs. grown-ups persceptions. School started last week and all the grown-ups were lamenting how fast the summer went, how school starts too early (mid-August vs. after Labor Day), and generally feeling sorry for poor kids. But really? The kids were ready to go back, I didn't hear one of them complain, they were excited, and have had a great week. So there, GROWN-UPS.

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