Thursday, August 29, 2013

365 Poems: ZombieMe

Day 241

I'm too happy to be an effective zombie
It's not like I didn't anticipate that first day back wouldn't be spectacularly ... something. Tired, mostly. And disconnected. Maybe that's what being jetlagged it, some weird combination of exhaustion and discombobulation that makes you feel as if you're there-but-not-there. Combined with all-my-clothes-are-dirty, I-should-have-washed-my-hair, where-are-all-the-pieces-of-my-normal-life.

But, still, somewhere inside my head is a very still place, like a picture album, as if all the pictures I took that week and more are stored inside my head, and even as the day gets more and more normal-seeming, I see them, as if I never left.

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