Friday, August 9, 2013

365 Poems: Profound and sincere apologies, tweeps

Day 221

I spent yesterday and today at Mixwest 2013, a marketing, social media, design and tech conference in Indianapolis. I shall be a better employee and social media editor because of it (employee disclaimer).

However, having tweeted my way  (#Mixwest13) through several sessions (because I can't stand not to multitask, even at events where single-minded concentration might actually be beneficial), I figure the first thing I better do is apologize to anyone who might have followed me on Twitter over the course of these two days, which you may have done because you are really, really nice people who perhaps think I might actually have something to contribute to a conversation.

And if you have, unfortunately, found my site through said tweets and made your way to this, the third paragraph, being smart people, you will have unfollowed me already or perhaps, relegated me to a Twitter list called 'DO NOT CREATE A COLUMN FOR THIS LIST ON HOOTSUITE.'

Cultural references abounded at Mixwest. Also, kittens.
But, the conference being very highly returnable on my company's investment in me attending (ROIOMA), I learned much. See the headline? Directly influenced by a session I attended today about being transparent and honest in delivering customer service through social media. One should, of course, solve your customer's problem swiftly and as simply as possible. I suppose the way I could solve my new followers' problem of actually having ill-advisedly visited this page would be by shutting down the blog, but that seems overkill; I'm rather attached to it, and it would interrupt my admittedly poorly conceived 365 Poems project. I rather think the problem will solve itself; one visit will cure you, and the aforementioned Twitter action (the unfollow, the do-not-column list) will act as continuing therapy.

The playlist tonight is Robin Thicke, who has assisted me in getting this post up, energy being in short supply after a full day of sessions and a two-hour drive home. Thank you, Robin. Love the cowbell. Perhaps tomorrow I'll listen again and actually post more about what I learned and give credit where it's due to the people who presented the sessions. In the meantime, you can view the complete list here. Too bad I couldn't borrow Hermione's time-turner! I could have attended all the sessions.

Honestly, mea culpa, all! But thanks!

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