Tuesday, August 27, 2013

365 Poems: No last day

Day 239

Sure. Vacations come to an end. But London's been there for a few centuries. It's not going anywhere. So there's no 'last day.' (Although there was a day the SD card in my camera was full, and this was that day, so I had to be happy with smartphone pix.)

I like dead poets, and Westminster Abbey has them. So we went.

And pictures can't be taken inside, so you're lucky. But once outside, open season.

And I think these murals are from, maybe, the 14th century. Contempory art in Westminster years.
The gift shop is in a room that's been in use since 1070.

London is still celebrating Her Majesty's Jubilee. This is a bad picture of her offical portrait.

Of course, a garden.

Flying butresses in the late afternoon sun.

After Westminster, a walk to see what we could see. And that would be 10 Downing Street.
Didn't know until later the Syria conflict conversation was escalating in Parliment.

And the Royal Mews. No, that guy did not smile. Although his hat makes me.

Totally by accident, we found Trafalger Square, and spent an hour people watching.
Somehow I missed getting a picture of the Big Blue Cock.

We deduced, dear reader, you'd enjoy this establishment.

Out of order, but a lovely cottage from the morning's walk in Hyde Park.

Selfridges on Oxford Street? Why not a little shopping? 

Bridges. Lots of bridges.

We cruised the Thames in the early evenng and passed a place Shakespeare might have been.

And watched the sun set behind us. Behind a bridge.

And avoided being thrown in to the Tower of London.

And found Carnaby Street with its unfortunately closed shops and fortunately open cafes.

And street music.

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