Saturday, August 3, 2013

365 Poems: Draw me a picture

Day 215

Just when I thought I had fallen into a YouTube abyss and was doomed to listened to 'Addicted to Love' in all its many iterations (which do you like better, the Tina Turner or the Florence and the Machine version?), sanity ensued and I entered 'visual poetry' into the search bar. And instead of being sucked into the vortex of Justin Bieber acoustic videos, I found an amazing video from the Getty Museum about visual poetry, my current obsession. SO MANY IDEAS. Some even an artistic klutz such as myself could try. But first I want you to watch this -- I think it's aimed at young people, its tone is rather educational, but that's a good thing.

Also, have discovered that if I'm not a futurist, I might be a dadaist. Sometimes labels are helpful, right? Gives one focus.

So I tried this ...

[Ed. Note] And my influences in this might be Basho and this week's reading/listening of Sylvia Plath, equal parts minimalism and confessionalism.

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