Saturday, August 10, 2013

365 Poems: Baseball and fireworks

Day 222

Spent a couple days in Indy last week, and found myself explaining to a colleague new to Indiana the solidly second-city status Fort Wayne has in the Hoosier hierarchy. Or even third-city status, if one talks to a person from 'The Region.'

Luckily, she's been taking time to get to know her new city and isn't about to let Circle City prejudices affect her.

We need to take her out to a Tincaps game at Parkview Field before the season ends. She's a baseball fan anyway, and a hot night at a sold-out game with the fans roaring and fireworks after might close the deal.

Last night sure would have.

Every pitch opens to an infinity of possibilities. Left-fielder was ready for anything.

Watching from down the line.

Sunset from the concourse.


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