Thursday, August 8, 2013

365 Poems: ANOTHER new idea

Day 220

Just when I despaired of anything new under the sun, comes an article in The Atlantic about the similarities between poetry and comics. Brilliant! Wouldn't haiku fit beautifully into a comic format? My complete and utter lack of any artistic ability may be a problem ... but maybe some of my bad photography could be manipulated? Read 'The Promise—and the Danger—of Comparing Comic Books to Poetry.' I like the danger part. Interesting stuff comes from danger. And, strangely? As a kid, I used to love comic books based on the classics.
For [Hilary] Chute, comics and poetry both exist on the page—the spatial arrangement is integral to the meaning. This is in contrast to prose, where the position of the words on the page isn't important and can change from edition to edition. Read more.

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