Wednesday, July 24, 2013

365 Poems: Not seven things

Day 205

If I were a more organized, plan-ahead type of person/blogger, I would have written this at exactly the half-way point of 2013, the half-way point of my 365 Poems project, which, of course, is turning out to be more of a 365 posts of sometimes a more poetic nature than others project.

But I'm not, and it's late, so we won't be having any type of well-written seven things post I read on so many other blogs (Seven Things You Need to Know, Seven Things I Know, Seven Quick Takes, etc., etc.).

But I might be able to come up with 3.5 things (For half a year? Get it?) I've learned during this crazy project.

1. Thinking about writing helps me write. On days when I have an idea for a poem, or a post, and I let my brain mull it over all, or part of, the day, something good always happens. Maybe not the whole thing -- I don't revise enough for that -- but something is good about it: the idea, an image, a phrase, a line, and some magic day, maybe the whole thing. I guess you really are what you think.

2. Good stuff in, good stuff out. Growing my poetry/reading/eclectic RSS feeds has given me a internet full of inspiration. Lots of girls get theirs from Pinterest. I get mine from poetry sites, blogs, author blogs, publishing blogs, tweets of all kinds, weird little places I've found. For example, the video poems I've found, I'm absolutely in love with. The one I posted about the other day, Sometimes, I can't get out of my head. I'm just amazed and impressed and jealous of a work like that, that combines media and comes out with something original and new.

Half-way good, entirely by accident. Crabapple in bloom.
3. I love taking pictures and wish I knew more about it. I never think of myself as a visual person, just a word person, but having such a good camera on my cell, that's with me all the time, I can't believe how much it makes me think about the picture, and what I might say about the picture, and combining the picture and the words (related to #2, isn't it?). When I take a picture that's even a little bit good, I feel almost the satisfaction that I do when I write a good line. And that's amazing to me.

3.5. I did it, I'm doing it, and I'm having so much fun. The project, I mean. It's better when I don't obsess -- like being on vacation, when it's hard to grab a quiet half-hour -- or 15 minutes -- for any kind of post! Nobody cares but me, and I can get caught up later. And I have.

Bonus point: I had an idea for when I go to London (and Paris!) next month. I was, well, not worrying, but contemplating posting, getting the time, etc. Knowing I'd be taking pictures, and could use those, with a few lines, anyway. And wanting to maybe tweet about it, too, and incorporate that. So, maybe, how about, commiting to a line at a time? #LondonPoem and #ParisPoem? I'm liking it.

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