Saturday, July 13, 2013

365 Poems: My cell phone luck sucks, and there's no poetry in that, although there is irony

Day 194

Perhaps you remember my week of fame when my cell phone went missing after a company function in downtown Fort Wayne, and I tracked the thief down using Dropbox. That particular post remains one of the most popular on the blog, although that's certainly not saying much -- some friends posted the story on Reddit and it seems to live there.

Anyway, the incident led to me being interviewed by both Newschannel 15 and Fox 55 (the first time it was Fox).

Although we found the thief, who ended up in jail because of a prior felony, we did not recover the cell phone -- before the thief turned himself in, he sold the phone to an unknown person. My phone was replaced by the thief's employer.

All that leads up to what I did tonight, instead of writing the poem that's been knocking around my head.

The replacement phone from last fall ... a Samsung Galaxy S3, a phone I was very, very attached to ... bricked last night. It just. Quit. Working. So last night was spent online and on the phone with Verizon Wireless. In good news, the phone was under warranty, so they shipped out a replacement right away.

I got it this evening ... and spent my time setting up, reinstalling, updating, and customizing, instead of writing.

But since the story of my cell phone gets more traffic than my writing ever does, I guess I shan't complain. Much.

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