Saturday, July 20, 2013

365 Poems: Equine overload

Day 201

So we take the little girls to Kentucky Horse Park to see, of course, horses; except that it was a special day called 'Breyerfest,' and if anyone ever invites you to Lexington, Kentucky, during 'Breyerfest,' perhaps you should reconsider. It involved long lines, hot temperatures, free model horses, and a renaissance horse troupe; but the girls loved it, and we survived.

The horse above is quite an animal, Man O War, 'the greatest thoroughbred ever'; visiting him seems to be the high point of one's visit.

But for me it was this little guy, whose name is Bluegrass, like the state we visited; but he's from Virginia, and he's a real Chincoteague pony.

Maybe I was 10 when I read Misty of Chincoteague, by Marguarite Henry; the story has stayed with me, and I've always wanted to visit Virginia when the ponies swim. Seeing Bluegrass is the absolute next best thing. Maybe I was 10 again for the minutes I stood near him, and petted him, and told him thank you.

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