Sunday, June 2, 2013

365 Poems: Of brevity

Day 153

From web site The Millions and filed under 'Curiousities': Nine One Word Poems by Edwin Morgan, and we would not have imagined that footnotes were so necessary for so few words. And yet intriguing. And beguiling.

From the Scottish Poetry Library site:
This hand made booklet reprints the nine one-word poems first published in the final issue of Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. no. 27 (c.1967).
Ian Hamilton Finlay had requested from his contributors poems which "consist of one word, with a title of any length, these two elements forming, as it were, a corner which would then contain the meaning". He wrote to the Austrian poet Ernst Jandl:
"The kind of poem I would most like is a serious one, for many people have sent examples which are only briefly witty, and the form is capable of more than that. After all, one has the whole title to move around in."
My favorite:
A far cool beautiful thing, vanishing

Maybe I'll try one.

Words that are everything

The world and the universe, I hold you in my hand

Today passes and tomorrow's yet to dream

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