Saturday, June 22, 2013

365 Poems: Front range

Day 173

Conference over, we are able to venture afield. If the mountains seemed far way and unapproachable from the 10th story of a Denver hotel, an hour's drive and a ride on a cog railway brought them up close and conquerable.

We did something Zebulon Pike never did: Made it to the top of Pike's Peak.

B52 at the Air Force Academy. Not those B52s.

We posed on the grounds of the Academy. Also we shopped.

Balancing Rock at the Garden of the Gods.
Those people are not really holding it up.

The rocks in Colorado ... are very big.

View through the front windshield of the cog railway up Pike's Peak.

Mountain goats! Apparently it's quite a treat to see them.

Weather station at the desolate top of Pike's Peak.
Some complete strangers get ready for a photo op at the summit of Pike's Peak.

Boarding the train after a brief visit at the top of the mountain.

Yea, snow.

Depot in Manitou Springs.

Views and views and views of the front range.

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