Monday, May 20, 2013

365 Poems: Switch and fade

Day 140

Boz Scaggs sings a tune called Fade Into Light and as we enjoyed the long twilight tonight -- the first from the front porch this season -- it came to mind.

Even on a suburban street, there's a lot to learn about evenings, and how they fall. The sunset's mostly hidden from me, our western horizon full of neighbor's houses and trees. That doesn't mean the bit of it we watch isn't appreciated, or any less interesting than the dramatic views from Siesta Key (for example).

It's the quality of light that's so indefinable -- the full day's sun, burnished, tired, long and lazy, takes its time disappearing. And there's a moment that someday we'll catch with our little cell cam, that moment, that blink, maybe it's when the sun disappears behind a horizon we can't see, when the light changes, the day turns over, and twilight begins its dark fade into night.


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