Sunday, May 26, 2013

365 Poems: The poetry of summer reading

Day 146

Jaime Lannister.
What we like to do is read. (And, of course, write.)

And summer is primetime reading time. (As is winter.) (And spring.) (Also fall.)

Shelves of new books out, dozens of beach-read lists, and our own to-read list make us as excited as baseball fans watching a no-hitter.

For months we've been planning a special couple weeks of summer reading -- actually, re-reading. We want to re-read the Game of Thrones series. And maybe make a character list.

We also plan to get caught up on books we've downloaded onto our Kindle Fire and haven't read -- like The Casual Vacancy.

And we'll try the latest on the bestseller lists -- like maybe Dan Brown's Inferno. So we can talk about how bad it is.

Usually, for our favorite beach read, we'd pick the latest Stephanie Plum adventure from Janet Evanovich, but it seems that Number 20 is not coming out until September.

Huffington Post Books always has good recommendations. Here's Anne Theriault's 118 books to take to a desert island.

And here are President Obama's fav books.

We always bookmark USAToday summer reading list.

Need more? Just Google 'summer reading list.'

See ya in September.

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