Thursday, May 23, 2013

365 Poems: News near and far

Day 143

Ticket to ride
We wrote some time ago about our new suitcase and all the adventures it holds. Today we received the very thing we needed to go on adventures 'far' -- our passport. London and Paris, we think we have just enough room for you in that suitcase.

Our blog's comments are sparse, but the quality is outstanding. How many other Fort Wayne bloggers can boast -- yes, boast! -- of comments left by Indiana's own Walt Whitman Award-winning poet, Jared Carter,? We believe you're reading the only one. Thank you, Mr. Carter! If only more people read poetry about Indiana like Mr. Carter's, we would not have to endure comments about living in the 'Rust Belt.'

Lastly, what we're going to watch by not writing: Call the Midwife.

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