Friday, May 24, 2013

365 Poems: Jump

Day 144

Most days we mull our posts over, searching for inspiration or creativity or a prompt or whatever to fulfill our year-long project. And most days it's fun and some days it's hard and other days it's damn near impossible. But that's writing.

So today as we sat down (finally) of an evening we were still searching and not feeling particularly inspired or creative. Although not desperate -- yet. And there have been some desperate evenings.

And who showed up to save us but Eddie Van Halen?

As we read a little news, we found this story on about Tina S., a 14-year-old YouTube star who covers Eddie's 'Eruption.' And she's good. You won't be sorry you watched the video.

But as soon as you watch it, you're hungry to hear the real thing. Poetry with fingers and strings. We love this is a recent video. Adds a few layers to the experience.

You're welcome.

One last lick. So the story mentioned Eddie's solo on Michael Jackson's 'Beat It.' And what popped up on Spotify but Micheal Jackson's 'One'? There are no coincidences. So here:

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