Sunday, April 14, 2013

365 Poems: Poetry matters

Day 104

What's been really cool about my New Year's resolution of writing about/trying to write poems for a year is discovering all the people, poets, resources, web sites, ideas, and conversations about poetry online. Given that most people would rather break out in a rash than write/talk about/read a poem, it's like finding a whole new neighborhood and feeling at home there -- and clear-skinned.

I missed this last week while in the state of sunshine, but in our continuing celebration of National Poetry Month, it's perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Click over to read the NPR interview and be sure to read Tracy K. Smith's poem included at the end, 'When Your Small Form Tumbled into Me,' from her collection, 'Life on Mars.'

You might also read the comments, which are hilarious.
Does Poetry Still Matter? Yes Indeed, Says NPR NewsPoet

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