Tuesday, April 30, 2013

365 Poems: Lines from a Post Office

Day 120

Spent an hour at the downtown post office last week waiting to apply for a passport. And this is the poem I found.

Lines from a Post Office

Told you he was two-faced and not to trust him --

Nineteen dollars and twelve cents.

Whenever we get guy stuff like that it sells out.

I try not to think about it.

Can I help you?

Almost missed that chain --

That would have been funny ...

Are you waiting for a passport as well?

Open your eyes and smile.

It’s not my fault --

Let’s hope so. Not many can.

Regular first class by Monday?

I can guarantee it for tomorrow but it will cost you $20.

If there’s anything available the bulletin boards will list the jobs --

Can I help you?

Need a money order for fifty dollars.

I’m in the market for stamps.

Something tells me these are for you.

That may be a sale there.

I have John Johnson, modern art, Rosa Parks, Pixars, Love, Roses, Hearts, Lady Bird Johnson.

That everything for you today?

I need some for my sister.

Debit or credit?

I love those old-fashioned-looking seed packets.

All set! To New York.

This will work.

What’s up man? How are you?

Usually you're looking at a day each direction. So it will be quick.

This is the recommended method.

Hi Phil, how ya doin’ today?

Tomorrow by noon.

I’ll tell you what. I’ll take your appreciation.

This one you’ll track. Here’s your tracking number.

Any other stamps or supplies?

Run your card, please.

Put all this on the same order.

You have a good day.

Anything fragile, liquid, or potentially hazardous?

Can I buy stamps in here?

Have a good day! Thanks, you too.

What’s your ZIP code?

How do I do a change of address?

I’m starting to babble! I’m getting giggly!

I think I need express mail.

Where are you going with it?

Indianapolis tomorrow by noon.

All you need to do.

From and to will get you set up.

It’s in the wintertime people run --

We do too.

You have a really good day.

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