Wednesday, April 24, 2013

365 Poems: 89% Proof ... Shakespeare

Day 114

As we write this, it's still Shakespeare's birthday; by the time you read it, it's happy belated. No matter; certainly if anyone deserves a birthday week, and a birthday post or two, it's Mr. Shakespeare.

All kinds of stuff out and about on the internets this week in honor of the Bard. We perused our RSS feeds just a little and found this: 'How Shakespearean are you?' on the OxfordWords blog. Enter some poetry (or prose) in the text box, click the button and discover just how much like William one is!

Seeing as we recently posted about The Sonnet Project and mentioned one of our favs, what better way than to trot out than our recent, poorly executed but fun-to-write sonnet? Yes: We pasted that old chestnut 'Riding withe Carver and Keats' into said text box, and here are the results:

89% Shakespeare. That's me. Kudos to Gerard Manley Hopkins -- I borrowed a little from him, especially the 'dappled.' I'm betting the Oxford site really liked the 'dappled' and it got me a few percentage points.

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