Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 Poems: Today's Top News

Day 66

I saw a suggestion on one poetry site or other to write a list poem. The headlines on (my daily go-to site for quick news, formerly have provided me with no end of amusement. Today was not even a particularly good day -- I've actually posted some wondefully bizarre headlines here before! -- but still, this little round-up, totally culled from today's NBCNews site at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday -- had a strange cohesion. I added a few conjunctions.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try this with headlines from the Fort Wayne papers!

Today’s Top News
A list poem using actual headlines from

Hollywood mourns Chavez while
Obama's dinner with Republicans tucked away at tony hotel.
Meanwhile, Russell Crowe defends UFO sighting
and the viral Olive Garden reviewer to pen book.
Ocean bubbles to Jupiter moon's surface, but
Taco Bell fans mad after Cool Ranch Doritos delay;
Insurance agent convicted in Zumba prostitution case, and
Lion kills worker at California big cat park.
'Mike & Molly' 'drunk Indians' joke sparks outcry, and
Who rocker sorry he told child to (bleep) off!
Critics list 113 problems with 'Twilight,' Bella;
Sadly, Legendary Woodstock guitarist dies at 68.
Trips to the moon and Mars are catching on
With the Rare kissing octopus on display for first time.
Even rich ancient Egyptians in poor health.
Oceans still flowed during 'Snowball Earth,' but the
TSA will allow small knives on planes.
What killed Neanderthals? Blame those rascally rabbits!
That’s all the news, folks!

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