Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 Poems: Talkin' 'bout women, readin', shakin', electin'

Day 69

I've got an idea for a little something but I think I'll work on it today and post tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll let myself off easy with a round up of cool stuff from last week.

First, for all the ladies for International Women's Day:

Just today, I discovered I could have ALL the works of one of my favorite authors -- Louisa May Alcott -- on my Kindle Fire, for just $1.99. I could not have dreamed of that as a kid, when I was devouring her books in the '60s. It's better than the jet packs everyone else wanted.

Last, going local, a great Harlem Shake video from the Bishop Dwenger High School Show Choir:

Okay, one more last thing: It's nearly time for filling out your brackets for the NCAA Men's Basketball Sweet Sixteen ... this year, you can also fill out your pope brackets for the Sweet Sistine.

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