Friday, March 22, 2013

365 Poems: Off on Adventures

Day 81

It's an important decision, picking out a suitcase.
It's your little bit of home on every journey, a place to keep your hat and hang your toothbrush.  It needs to keep your breakables unbroken and your crushables uncrushed.
It needs a handle that pulls up smoothly and hides away neatly.
It needs to follow you smartly down the tarmac and lift up lightly to the overhead bin.
It needs to hold a t-shirt to sleep in, a suit to swim in, sturdy shoes to explore in, a skirt to have dinner in.
It needs to be ready to get lost, be found, met someone new, visit someone old.
It needs to be anxious to get on board, but patient during a layover.
It needs to be ready to take a nap, lay in the sun, hold a good book, take a new walk.
It needs to remember everything, but be forgiving when something gets left home.
It needs to be small enough to handle by yourself, but big enough to hold a trip's worth of memories.
It needs stickers and dings and scuffs and tags and dirt and a sturdy zipper just in case.
It always likes to come home ... but it's always ready for the next trip.
I had four suitcases lined up at the store to choose from. I think this one is going to be exactly right.

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