Thursday, March 14, 2013

365 Poems: Google Reader edition

Day 73

As if dealing with the election of a new pope today at work wasn't stressful enough, when I fired up my browser at home to get caught up on reading, I see a notice from Google that they're shutting down Reader!

Getting angry at a megalomaniacal technology company makes no sense and yet I found myself furious. I use Reader every day. Every. Day. I follow dozens of feeds. Including poetry feeds.

And now I'm lost. The happy note on the Google notification page about the ease of downloading one's information (did it) to transfer to a new reader (why, Google, WHY?) did nothing to appease my anger.

I signed up for NewsBlur but it's been hit so hard by traffic it keeps hanging up as I tried to import my feeds and I gave up. For tonight, anyway.

Being a pro-active kind of girl, I'm trying what I can to change Google's mind. So I tweeted:

And, obviously, I blogged.

Finally, I signed the petition begging ... asking ... demanding that Reader stick around. Why don't you go sign, too? Keep Google Reader.

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