Saturday, February 9, 2013

365 Poems: Through a Wood Weird and Wild

Day 40

Dementor illustration from the Harry Potter Wiki user Lee7003
Today we turn to the We Write Poems blog for inspiration, and it's a fun one:
Write a poem from the viewpoint of a character in a fairy tale.  Fairy tales are almost invariably told in third person.  And that might be part of the explanation as to why characters in fairy tales are rather ‘flat.’  The tale is far more interested in what happens to them or what they make happen, than in their individuality.  So how about trying first person in our poems and bringing more ‘human awareness’ into our chosen character.  And whose perspective might you use… Little Red?  The wolf?  Or might you try bringing the perspectives of both into a poem.  Now that’s not an impossible task is it?
No, not quite impossible. And it's not quite a fairy tale, but close enough. Harry Potter provides our inspiration.

Through a Wood Weird and Wild

We walked through a wood weird and wild

black as the underworld that hides beneath,
smelling of rotted wood and putrid dreams
strangled sounds in the dense dark
a useless path that led to deeper night’s
surreal journey with no surcease,
time itself wound unfurled and wound again
what evil this way comes?  We care not:
wands drawn, we go forward together,
lumos lights the way through 
the maleficent haze, the scrambling unknowable
creatures beyond our light threatening
yet never closing, following but never
overtaking, our steps quickening as we
sense both danger and delivery
even as it seems both draw closer
a voice ahead calls a name and maybe
it’s yours or mine and we’re running and the
sounds are so close behind us, we breath
fear with every step and just as we 
feel the icy death around us the trees
pull away and we’re out of the forest,
falling into the meadow grass, the
the day’s first light letting us know
indeed: He was there to save us,
all along.


  1. nicely done....thanks for sharing

  2. Love the day's first light, how you imagined this, Cathy.