Sunday, February 24, 2013

365 Poems, Not-Quite-Poetry Edition: The Blitz

Day 55

Okay, this is short SHORT fiction, not poetry, but it's writing none-the-less, and lots of fun. NaNoWriMo -- a group of writers who sign up to produce a novel in November -- posted a writing prompt and it sounded like fun:
Today's writing prompt: take the first line of the Facebook status directly below this one, and use it as the opening to a super short story here in our comments.
So I took it up, especially since I really like the status after -- it was from PBS, as you can see in the graphic on the right.

Never heard of flash fiction? It's not a well-defined genre, but it is fun to read (and write). Harder than you might think -- kind of like Twitter with a plot. More here. And read some here.

Anyway, in short, here's what I did:

Before the Blitz

The year is 1939, and I want to dance. Mummy says there’ll be no dancing during a war, but how will I find a boyfriend if there’s no dancing? Mummy says all the boys will be gone to war anyway. I asked her, what will girls like me do? Hush now, Mummy said, and turned away. My brother was off at school. Don’t cry, Mum, I said. I’ll be here with you. You and I can dance right here. That’s right, Mummy said. We’ll dance right here, right through any old war. That’s right. She hugged me tight. My chest felt tight, as if it were about to explode. I hugged her back.

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