Friday, February 8, 2013

365 Poems: Bravado

Day 39
Also having bravado: Captain Jack Sparrow
Today's poetry prompt is courtesy of Poets United
Your first line has two words. The second line has three. The third, four, and so on. Length is not limited so long as each line contains one more word than the line before it. Write until it's ready! When you're finished, go back and give your poem a one word title.
And the next promise I make should probably be, don't write any more poems about writing poems.


is promising

yourself that you’ll
write a poem every
day for a year, and
you make that promise in public
and you post the poems in public,
even on days when poems seem very far 
away you scrabble up some words and string them 
together, words wrestled into keeping the promise. One. More. Day.

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