Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 Poems: Poetic resolutions

Day 2: The 365 Poems Project

No, I didn't want to make any New Year's resolutions -- so easily made, so soon broken. Who doesn't need to get organized, lose weight, spend more time with family?
Then I saw a couple tweets go by with an idea I couldn't forget -- poets who had decided to post a poem every day in 2013.
That's my kind of resolution. I don't consider myself a poet; rather, just a person with poetic tendencies.
Anyway, here's what I'm proposing to myself: I'll post a poem every day in 2013. Some may be my own inadequate work. Some may be my favorites from favorite poets. You'll find a haiku or two, I'm sure. Mostly, I hope you'll find some words that make you stop a moment, breathe a moment, think a moment.

I'm starting off with a poem I wrote for a class I took from Gotham Writer's Workshop. The assignment was for a persona poem. I'd just seen the movie 'Lincoln,' and chose to rework some of his own words from letters and speeches:

The Union as It Was

O you surly, great republic
How can you have grown so vast,
Yet learned so little? The battlefields
Consecrated by our glorious dead,
Where brave men ate, slept, fought, bled and died--
Have you so soon forgotten them?
Vitriolic war amongst citizens is surely as immoral 
As any unprovoked war amongst nations.
Men of character must demand peaceful extinction
Of the political discord that festers among us.
Once again, I remind you: 
Beware of rashness, have good energy, 
And go forward with sleepless vigilance--
For equality and freedom cannot be retracted,
Any more than the dead 
Can be brought back to life.

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