Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 Poems: Riding with Carver and Keats

Day Two

Here's the second of my 365 poems for 2013. It's another one I wrote for the Gotham Writer's Workshop poetry class. The assignment here was a sonnet -- really, really hard to do. I lightened the 'rules' up a little by treating them more like 'guidelines.' This one addresses one of my fav writers, Raymond Carver, and references, of course, John Keats, and was inspired by my morning drive to work in Huntington.

Riding with Carver and Keats
Ray, I thought of you this morning as I
Drove through the Little River's shallow valley
On my way to work, my head stupefied
By radio news, the world too much with me.
Remember the poem you wrote, One More?
That day you left a verse unwritten,
Tending to phone calls and letters, the poor
Business of writing? Words will come, unbidden;
We ignore them, slide past, our poems dying
Before they live. Oh Ray, let's remember John --
Ply our pens to what this dappled dawn brings, try
To trace the shadows before they are gone:
Resurrect the luminous saffron rays;
Plough through the morning's moody, low-slung haze.

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