Monday, January 7, 2013

365 Poems: Red-tailed Hawk (draft)

Day 7

Photo from Flickr courtesy tcd123usa
Today, here's a first draft that (hopefully) you won't be seeing the last of. I looked out the window at work this afternoon and saw a red-tailed hawk floating just outside. The sky was very, very blue, cloudless, and the hawk a beautiful light beige with darker spots against it. And, of course, when it wheeled away from me, its tail flashed good-bye.

Red-tailed Hawk

Hawk, do you fly for fun, or profit,
as you wheel so smoothly
outside my window
This January day? The cloudless
sky may be blue,
but this afternoon knows winter's chill,
and surely only avian entrepreneurs
determined to succeed
would be working now.
Still: The beauty's in your business,
and if your flight is life itself to you,
its grace earns mine for me.

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