Friday, January 4, 2013

365 Poems: Recovery and Conversation

Day 4

Again, a poem that was written for my Gotham Writer's Workshop session. The assignment was to write a direct address poem.
My classmates really beat up on this one, and the version here is different from my original. And hopefully, better -- certainly, not good, just better.
They all kept wanting to read something deep into this -- but seriously? I just like the word "ennui."
I've changed the name about four times, too.

Recovery and Conversation

Ah, Ennui! Darling, you're here.
It's been so long. Come in,
Sit down -- You know where.
Surely a drink? Something white?
Or red? Here's one for each hand!
Just kidding. You know me --
Always laughing! But darling, you're pale--
Have you been well? No? --

Yes, yes, I'm fine now -- quite tip top,
Better than before that incident --
Well, you remember, don't you.
Of anyone, you remember.
But we shan't speak of it. I'm quite
Bored with the topic.
Surely you are too -- Ennui! Really,
Darling, that's quite over. Say did you --

Be still, now, darling -- just hush.
You're grown quite tiresome,
Your conversation, well -- it's lethal.
I sense that our relationship --
Perhaps it's finally over.
Indeed, enough. I'll see you out --
Ah, Ennui, same old you;
But not me.

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