Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 Poems: A People's Poem for the Inaguration: Poets Respond (via TheTakeaway)

Day 20

Here's the first poem curated from The Takeaway's Twitter collaboration. This one includes lines from tweets as chosen by the poet who jump-started the effort with a first line, Kwame Dawes. There will be a second peom with lines chosen by The Takeaway staff and read by the contributors; I've contributed a couple of lines to that one.

Sing Nation
by Kwame Dawes (with a special thanks to Robert, Laura, Phoebe, Buddy, Andrew, TJ, and Mark)

Say nation in the wake of quarrels; say, hope,

say peace for a nation’s heart;
say neighbour; say, what can I do?
Doors will open. Together we must walk through.

Dream, neighbour; in the face of fear,
dream mercy when darkness floods,
dream light to scatter the shadows.

At the dawn of uncertain tomorrows,
pray change, pray progress for this union.

Shout forward in the silence after nightfall,
Shout love in the dark of failures,
shout try, as we move, as we persist into light.

Sing nation in the wake of sorrows, sing hope.

Read all about it here.

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