Saturday, January 19, 2013

365 Poems (updated): Measure for Measure

Day 19 (updated) As I noted in the previous updated posts, your blog captain misdirected her ship; the update scheduled for yesterday was posted today. No worries; my Instagram pictures provided a prompt for a short, bad poem, and we can leave this post unchanged.
Oh, just one thing--it turns out there are two poems created by The Takeway's Twitter collaboration. One poem was curated by poet Kwame Dawes, and can be found here. The second, that I contributed to through Twitter, will be available soon.

Yesterday I wrote about tweeting a couple lines for a 'People's Poem' for the inauguration, a collaborative poem launched by The Takeaway. Today I received a message that my lines have been included in the poem; they asked that I record myself reading it and send it along. Which I did...hopefully, it will be available on the web site and I'll be able to post a link.

I found that opportunity during a search for some online poetry prompts. Luckily for my resolution, I found some. This one is from Writer's Digest; Robert Lee Brewer provides one every Wednesday on his Poetic Asides blog. The prompt this week: Write a 'measured poem.' Whatever that is.

Measure for Measure

Workdays that jump by in appointments,
a week's eighty half-hour buckets
to fill with the stuff of employment:
The phone calls, meetings, strategy, conversations
Organized and tidy in a calendar's grid,
the digital illusion of control.
Would that the wild minutes
Bear any semblance to that plan!
And yet: No matter how the day's divisions
may tend to chaos, their monetary measure
remains the same --
That's no illusion of compensation
That goes straight to my checking account.

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