Monday, January 14, 2013

365 Poems: Illuminated

Day 14

Two weeks of poems! I did it. Too bad I'll run out soon! 

This is another poem completed for a Gotham Writer's Workshop assignment. This one was written totally for fun -- I wanted to write something about magic, and light, and this was the result.


That night we sipped sweet dark wine
and ate warm brie, and bread, and
apples that carried the essence of winter
inside them. He laughed
When I shivered, took my face
in his hands, and breathed the last
warm breeze of summer
with his kiss, then pulled away, smiling --
Here, he whispered, This is for you.
He reached toward the candle,
and scooped the flame into his hand,
laughing at my surprise --
And leaned towards me, saying,
Take it, it's yours.
Slowly I cupped my palms,
and he slipped the little flame
onto my fingers. As I watched it flicker,
he brought his hands together above it --
as if to applaud -- and crack!
The flame shattered, a thousand tiny sparks
clustered around him and me,
illuminating us, electrifying us.
As an errant star
floated before me,
I said, For you --
then gently blew it away.

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