Thursday, January 10, 2013

365 Poems: How you write a poem

This is one I wrote a couple of years ago, with a younger audience in mind.

How you write a poem
First you cross your eyes,
And if all you get is eyestrain,
Then spin around in circles,
And if all you get is dizzy,
Sit down.
Next, climb up on something
Like a chair, and look around.
If all that happens is vertigo,
Get down.
Get all the way down, and
Lie on the floor.
If all you see is dirt,
Stay there. Close
Your eyes, and breathe.
Let the dark cover you.
Listen to the flub of your heart,
The rush of blood through your veins,
The small wind that's breath.
Let all the words leave.

In a minute, get up,
Try it again --
The crossing, the spinning,
The climbing, the lying.
And mostly, the quiet.

If everything seems different,
... Then, maybe, you're ready
To write a poem.

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