Wednesday, January 9, 2013

365 Poems: Autocorrect

Day 9
Here's a second collaboration poem I wrote with my classmate Gloria.

I texted him, I love you,
But what he got was, I laugh too --
That's how it went with us--
He'd say cow and I'd hear cauliflower.
What do we talk about,
When we talk about love?
Along the roadside, oak leaves lay
like small hands with acorns in the palms.
He handed me a fallen leaf;
it fell like rain as I crushed it.
He had the look of an alcoholic,
a face full of bruised resentment.
But not as bruised as I, inside or out;
Shattered, scattered, like the leaf.
I took him seriously as he took me.
We took each other to another world,
but like early, experimental rockets,
we didn't survive the flight.

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