Thursday, January 3, 2013

365 Poems: 13 Ways

Day Three

Here's one that I wrote totally for fun. The assignment from my Gotham writing class was to take Wallace Stevens “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" and imitate it. Since some of my classmates had complained about an overabundance of seriousness in poetry, I thought I'd ask Sammy (ignoring us, at right) to lighten things up. He obliged. 

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at Cathy”
by Sammy the White

Among billowing comforter
The only moving thing
Is my tail. She’s so damn lazy.

I am of one mind
Because cats are focused.
She’s clearly lost hers.

She wanted me to go outside. It was too windy.
I peed in her shoes.

A man and a women
Should be able to feed their cat on time.
Myself and my food dish
Are one.

I don’t know which I prefer,
The juiciness of Fancy Feast
Or the crunchiness of Iams.
The sound of her opening the can
Or just after.

Icicles fill the front window
With barbaric glass.
Inside I pace before it,
To and fro.
Her mood
Is black as the shadow.
No treats today.

Oh paunchy man of the couch,
Why do you imagine I prefer you?
Don’t you see how I
Walk around you
To get to the woman?

I meow really loud
Over and over
Because I know if I don’t
She’ll forget I exist
And my bowl remain empty.

I lay on her pillow
When she’s not looking
I go ‘round in circles first.

At the sight of blackbirds
Just outside the windows
She won’t let me out!
I meow even louder.

She sends him to Kroger
In the Dodge Caliber.
I’m scared he’ll forget
My favorite brand, and
Dinner will be a shadow
Of what it should be.

She’s finally moving.
Dinner must be coming.

I want dinner all morning,
And also afternoon.
The damn snow is no excuse
For her to forget my dinner.
This is for the birds.

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