Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 Poem Extra: Help write a poem

Was doing a little research for some help in how to get inspiration to write a poem a day -- and wow! There is some! -- and came across this from The Takeaway:

Help write a 'people's poem' for the inauguration:

At The Takeaway, we think poetry was built for the digital age — and this inauguration could use a People’s Poem. So we invited noted poet Kwame Dawes to start us off with a first line — and we want you to be our co-authors! It’s a grand experiment — and here’s how you can make your voice heard:
Noted poet Kwame Dawes (@kwamedawes) has given us his first line
    Say “nation.” In the wake of quarrels, say “hope”
    Tweet us back (we're @thetakeaway) with the line you’d write next. Always tweet with the hashtag #prezpoem — that way we’ll know what you’ve written — and so will everyone else.

    Find out more here. FUN!

    Here's the contributions I tweeted:

    In the cold light of morning, remember the dream;
    In the hurly-burly of the day's governing
    remember the freedom of peace. 

    Given my recent class experience of collaboration ... maybe I should work on finishing it too. Stay tuned for an update.

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    1. Beautiful piece of short poetry! I sometimes find that it's more difficult to write a short poem, instead of a long poem. What do think Cathy?