Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thank you, technology. And thank YOU, people who use it.

First, THANK YOU to everyone who retweeted, shared on FB, and linked to my blog post with the pictures of the people who were using my stolen cell phone.

Amazing news. Due the Sherlockian efforts of the Ft. Wayne Hilton, using pictures that had been uploaded to my Dropbox cloud storage via wifi, of the people using the cell, the person who took it has been identified.

I'm not sure if I'll get the original phone back--a little honesty has to happen for that to occur. I may end up with a new phone. That's okay, too. We'll see.

Nonetheless, I'm especially grateful for the efforts of Ft. Wayne's Grand Wayne Center and Hilton Hotel, who were gracious and tenacious in helping track down what happened. Many thanks. We are lucky to have such first-class facilities in our city. They combine big-city ambiance with small-town caring: The best of both worlds.

I work in social media all day, and play in it at other times. What an incredible group of friends, fans and peeps I have! Thank you!

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