Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where we went to Indy and became frozen

Perhaps you have heard there's a Superbowl and it's in Indianapolis this year? So given the rarity of the event, we decided we simply must attend the only part of the festivities we can afford: Superbowl Village. We prepared for the journey by reading condescending, patronizing articles in national publications about WOW it's cold in Indiana and GEEZ can there be anything to do and WHOA maybe this city already hosts a huge event or two, HELLO Indianapolis 500 and NCAA March Madness.
(Despite its backwater status, Indianapolis is also not untouched by the larger concerns of the nation. Occupy Superbowl Village, anyone? Right to work protest?)
Two Tony's, the cousin-twins,
an uncle and Angela.
No matter. Why wouldn't a family want to drag six adults and four little girls into a freezing, roiling mass of humanity, if not to be part of an authentic NFL experience?
So, first we stopped at Eddie Merlot's on 96th Street to a short hi to nephew and corporate chef Tony. This was the last time we were warm all afternoon.

We did find excellent parking very reasonably priced, a definite Indianapolis perk.

We found a mass of people, a measure of music, a dearth of 'warming stations,' plenty of beer, The Huddle (too late), the famous zip line, and absolutely nothing for the little girls to do except look at people's legs and freeze to death. If you have little kids, I'd leave them home.
We did ask a couple of volunteers (one of them wore A BIG FLAG) who were very nice but whose advice about children's activities ('Yes! Facepainting and things to do! Down by the convention center!) was vague and impossible to follow -- in the couple of hours we were there, I saw no kids with painted faces and one little girl carrying a balloon figure.
But despite the challenges, I'm glad we went -- the weather could have been even worse, and I got to see Jon McLaughlin, an Indiana boy whose music doesn't get enough attention.
Hoosier native Jon McLaughlin was hot even in the cold weather.
Brrr. Tay and the ice sculpture.
As close as you'll get to a football field.

Zipline -- was sold out. While we watched somebody stalled
about halfway by. No clue how they got her down.
If you're in Indy, there must be an Indycar.
Wish I'd had some stilts while Jon McLaughlin performed.

Tony looks happy, but Kenna just looks ... frozen.

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