Thursday, October 27, 2011

You oughta know: Thursday's good stuff

Some days are like arid wastelands on the internets, when one's RSS feeds look enticing, but turn out to be a cruel mirage.
Luckily, today was not that type of day.

I grabbed the USAToday from the editorial table and read about the first African Americans who served in the Marines. Called the Montford Marines (for where they were sent to train), they were disrespected and forgotten during and after WWII, although they served honorably and well. But at last, present-day Marines are making sure they are forgotten no longer.

Back at the desk, it was Terry Gross on Fresh Air that kept me entertained:

A repeat interview with Jimmy Fallon, who talks about his career, his new book, his childhood and Saturday Night Live. He and Terry should have a show. Great to listen to if you're feeling a little down.

And finally, Terry interviews Steve Jobs's biographer, Walter Isaacson.If the internets has been a little too effusive about some who, let's remember, put his black turtleneck on one arm at a time like the rest of us, Isaacson reminds us that Jobs was brilliant, cranky, prickly, and capable of great kindness.

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